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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Food Photos

Food blogs are nothing without photos. A food blog without good photos might as well be the 1954 Austin Ladies Guild Cotillion Cookbook. At least thirty-eight percent of the fun of reading about food is to see what it will look like.

Here's the problem for me: I have an unusually high degree of guilt over dishonesty. If I exaggerate even a tiny amount, or shade the truth a wee bit, I will lie awake at night thinking of ways to apologize and correct myself without, you know, losing face in any major way. (Mind, I know this isn't true humility.)

So my photos on the blog will be what I really had to start with, and what I had at the end. There may be an occasional disaster, if in any way it will be helpful to others. I know people don't want to read a bad cooking blog.

I'm a pretty good photographer, although limited in equipment right now. I hope the photos contribute to the reader learning about the preparation of the food. But the illustrations will be honest - I don't dress up food. The items get plated on what I own right now. If you read regularly, you will get to know my kitchen almost as well as I do.

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